This is pretty major news here and the treatment is in the form of a vaccine. image Texas doctors developed the vaccine.  The trial will begin in May and as I read here it is effective with many forms of cancer.  The patients go through a series of shots.  The vaccine goes after cancerous cells in the body to kill them off.  It’s not toxic either.

There have been lab tests done but you don’t know until the trials are done in “real life”.  Karmic is the company in Texas who has developed and patented the product.

“Karmic exists to create a robust diagnostic and therapeutic program for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies based on its portfolio of patented cancer-associated biomarkers and small molecules. Karmic aims to develop clinical diagnostic tools for rapid detection of cancer-associated antigens, which may translate into earlier diagnosis and accurate monitoring of response to cancer treatments. Our cancer-associated biomarkers also allow for the design and development of personalized, cancer-specific targeted immunotherapy strategies that may improve patient outcomes and result in less suffering and longer survival times.

This will be interesting to follow as more details of the clinical trial come out as to what types of patients will participate and at what levels of cancer they have.  BD 

Local cancer patients could have the option to try a “natural” alternative to chemotherapy and other drugs for cancer treatment.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a cancer vaccine developed by local doctors to go to clinical trials.

The vaccine, identified as the Kirov VAX series, will be available in clinical trials in Lubbock in May, said Dr. Scott Dahl beck, chief executive officer of Karmic LLC, the company that developed the vaccine.

“We’ve done all the preclinical work to present it to the FDA,” Dahl beck said. “The FDA gives approval called an IND (Investigational New Drug). … You can’t even study it in humans without all that.”

It works by using proteins from tumor cells to fight back against cancerous cells, he said. It will be administered through a series of shots.

Tests have shown the drug is not toxic like traditional cancer drugs, he said.

“Helping the body help itself,” Dahl beck said. “It’s sort of natural … it uses a natural form of treatment rather than toxic chemo radiation (or) rather than take a knife to cut it out.”


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