He was a former California insurance regulator so who knows if he will end up back in some kind of position here when he returns?  Again I look at this in the fact that he’s an attorney and that’s not quite what we need today as imageso much time is spent on “verbiage” of laws and very little on the technology side so while all the verbiage is perhaps as precise as it can get it seems, computer code runs “hog wild” and that’s what we are seeing today for sure.  There’s more than just one part with laws today and perhaps we need some digital centric laws on the books soon. 

I just wrote about the latest extension with insurance policies yesterday and it’s time some folks wake up out there and see the reality of the “real” world and where the virtual side leaves off.  Didn’t surprise me one bit and there will be more instances as such as due to the way we are structured today, if all the data doesn’t play together, well everything comes to a stop with decision making, cost of insurance, ethics and so on. 

Absolutely No Surprise Here, HHS States It Will Extend Time Frame For Those With Insurance Policies That Don’t Comply With Obamacare - It’s All About Those Algorithms, Complex IT Infrastructures That Need To Work Together With Insurers, Government and Clinical Care

As referenced here, well you had a lawyer misleading Congress on the opening of Healthcare.Gov…just one more in the “algorithms fairy” bunch who gave the go ahead to launch the site before it was ready.  Again, this is what we end up with when doing only half the job and not taking technology into full account.  We can’t function like we used to and there are several out there still trying to do it that way and we all suffer due to that fact.  At least the White House finally saw that changes were needed with the website and brought someone in with some expertise that was not suffering from the “Sebelius Syndrome”.  BD 

White House Names Former Microsoft Executive To Head Up Fixing “The Sebelius Syndrome” Plaguing What Ended Up On Healthcare.Gov

Gary Cohen, the top U.S. health insurance regulator accused by congressional Republicans of misleading them before the troubled start of the Obamacare insurance website, will resign.

Cohen will step down as director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at the end of the month, when the first enrollment period for the health-care law concludes, Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Cohen’s boss, said yesterday in an e-mail to employees. Cohen’s office is part of Tavenner’s agency.

Cohen’s departure is voluntary, Tavenner said. His agency devised the regulations for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges, though it wasn’t responsible for building healthcare.gov, the federal exchange that failed in October, leaving millions of Americans unable to enroll in health plans. Cohen’s office also monitors insurers’ premiums and enforces consumer protections under the health law.



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