Of course this has to be a GOP governor that is proposing a repeal to this law but the good news is that there’s not a chance he would get any traction.  In other wordsimage if you can get yourself to an ER room with a heart attack, he thinks the hospital should just close the door on your if they want.  Whew!

There have been people arrested all day long today.  The state is in trouble with rural hospitals that keep closing. 

Now we come back to expanding Medicaid and 600,000 people would be covered and the governor said he won’t do it and the Georgia House went along with him.   39 people all in all were arrested.  One of the state senators said the protesters were like “fecal matter”..geez…and all the pro Medicaid banners were tossed in the trash.  This website has a ton of pictures showing what went on today as they kept coming in “shifts” to demonstrate against the state not expanding Medicaid.  They all just want healthcare, this is sad.  BD 

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