He was there for 2 years and there was no permanent director during this time.  He liked the part of the job with working with the scientists but that was only 35% of what he did.  The rest was bureaucracy dysfunctionality under HHS.  You know all those fake science reports we hear about, well this was part of his job to regulate and investigate some of that.

Please Put Someone in Charge of HHS That Understands a Tiny bit About Health IT and Data...image

What the heck does Sebelius know about “data integrity” as what do you think science investigation is..it’s all math and computer code over there too.  He aid the focus was to always make his bosses look good and that’ tough with Sebelius at the top as she puts her own foot in her mouth over and over, no help needed from outside when using weird perceptions that are not true.  Honestly I don’t know how anyone takes her seriously anymore.  It’s not like just once, but many “foot in mouth” instances, over and over.

Research and the pursuit of algorithm fairies don’t mix and I don’t  know how far down the ladder he was but what’s at the top says it all.  BD 

Senator Grassley and Kathleen Sebelius Duking It Out Over Hospitals Paying Patient Premiums–A Case of One “Who Believes In Algorithm Fairies” Talking To Another…
Sebelius Asks Inspector General To Review Healthcare.Gov, How Many JBoss, Red Hat, Linux, Oracle, MarkLogic And Other Experts Does OIG Have? Time Elements of Baking A Cake From Scratch With Writing Custom Code Was Just Not There..

A Health and Human Services official has resigned after dealing with the frustration of the “profoundly dysfunctional” federal bureaucracy, which left him “offended as an American taxpayer.”

In a resignation letter obtained by ScienceInsider, David Wright, director of the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) — which oversees and monitors possible research misconduct — offers a scathing rebuke of the unwieldy and inefficient bureaucracy that he dealt with for the two years he served in the position.

In his letter to Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh, Wright explains that the 35 percent of his job that was spent working with science-investigators in his department “has been one of the great pleasures of my long career.” The majority of his duties, however, represented his worst job ever.

As for the rest, I’m offended as an American taxpayer that the federal bureaucracy — at least the part I’ve labored in — is so profoundly dysfunctional. I’m hardly the first person to have made that discovery, but I’m saddened by the fact that there is so little discussion, much less outrage, regarding the problem. To promote healthy and productive discussion, I intend to publish a version of the daily log I’ve kept as ORI Director in order to share my experience and observations with my colleagues in government and with members of the regulated research community,” he wrote.



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