No this not a software package you buy off the shelf but it’s getting closer you could say as they have now in addition to law enforcement will sell the API access, which developers use to write imagean app to commercial businesses.  What does this mean?  Well your local convenience store, gas station, hospital, etc. will now be able to use the technology once they find a developer to write the software application for them to match against know criminals on file.  It’s not cheap if you want 500,000 transactions a month so it all depends on how busy the area one would be monitoring is.

The service would be based on a monthly subscription fee.  Obviously there are some needed places where it would benefit in highly secure areas but again what’s the future  here?  Will this be everywhere once the APIs become more common place?  Currently the company clients are all law enforcement agencies.  BD 

Animetrics, a Conway, N.H., company that helps law enforcement agencies around the world catch criminals, is now selling its facial-recognition technology through commercial licensing.

One of Anemetrics' clients is working on allowing customers to try on sunglasses through the use of a computer-generated 3-D image of themselves without stepping foot in a store, according to Paul Schuepp, president and CEO.

Government work included subcontract work with the U.S. Department of Defense involving projects he isn't allowed to talk about because they are classified. Others using the software include the New York Police Department and the Massachusetts jail system.

Companies using Animetrics' FaceR API pay a monthly fee. A company wanting 500,000 transactions a month, for example, would pay $900 a month.

The technology has its limits, such as when it comes to identifying from grainy surveillance videos who robbed a convenience store.


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