We get that all the time here and we don’t know who’s using what.  This is why we need to license (and tax) all data sellers in the US and maybe the world for that matter.  The query monsters don’t ever stop and all of what they do is not bad as we get some really good stuff too but the bottom feeders with selling data, well most of them are just that, at the bottom.  In the UK a friend told me that being an insurance rep was at the bottom of the line too as it is in Germany with being the #1 ranked worst job.  The problem is the imbalance between the intangible versus the tangible business and I can’t fry a “Facebook Like” in the skillet yet for breakfast so I stay with what matters first and that is tangibles and technology used to create them. 

Big Data In Farming, Back to the Data Selling Business Once Again With Concerns of Where the Data is Sold and Who Uses It To Profit, Paying for IP With the Food We Eat Today

The folks at the NHS have a brand new boss coming in from United Healthcare on April 1st and it will be interesting to see what analytics and crafty algorithms come up as United Healthcare is one of the biggest data sellers in the US and what methodologies with the new “United Healthcare” trained head come up with?  I just say keep your eyes open as United is a “too big to fail” insurance company that grew by acquisitions as nobody pays any attention to massive and frequent acquisitions. 

United Healthcare Executive to Leave the US and Run the NHS in England-Big Data Math Models and Algorithmic Business Intelligence Formulas On the Move…All About Money…

Over in the UK you also now have Facebook partnering up with Barclays bank to teach folks to code and what they really want is “cheap code” and not have to hire developers……oh yes and let’s look at that privacy breach too…the UK seems to be in the front line of all of this.

Barclays Brokers Caught Selling Confidential Data of Thousand of Clients–Whistleblower Exposes The Largest Detailed Information Bank Data Breach On Record, Information Included Health Information, Mortgages, Earnings and So On…Kind of Reads Like An Inside Job…

It’s like  pack of thieves as it’s basically money for nothing and the profits for free.  I’m telling you good or bad, the query masters can’t help themselves…I know I used to write them…good ones for efficiencies and not profit…but the scumbags are out there too.  Keep an eye out too on clinical trials, this is starting to leak over there too.  BD

Next Up In The US Data Selling Epidemic- Clinical Trial Data Mining Recruiters Buying From Credits Agencies, Banks And Who Knows Where Else…

The security of NHS data was thrown into further doubt yesterday after it emerged anonymous patient information has been used by a marketing consultancy to advise clients on targeting their social media campaigns.

It comes amid growing concerns over plans to trawl patient records from every GP surgery in England, which were postponed last month after NHS chiefs admitted they had not done enough to inform and reassure the public about the scheme, known as care.data. MPs sought reassurances last week that the GP data, which could be accessed by researchers and approved private companies, would not be vulnerable to breaches of patient confidentiality.



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