It’s an interesting comment you have to admit but he doesn’t address the fact that this exact project is what is starting to make money for companies, some of which are subsidiaries of insurers.  Of course the idea is imagegood so researchers “have” the ability to find what they need but the reality of corporate America, it’s not going to be out there unless someone dishes out some money to pay for it.  Maybe he should take a look at what United Healthcare has going on as they like to sell a lot of data when they can make money at it. 

United Healthcare Buys Humedica and Gets More Data to Analyze and Sell To Medical Device and Drug Companies–More Big Profits From Health Data
UnitedHealthGroup and AARP Get Cozier, AARP Still Gets Paid for Marketing Use of AARP Name As AARP Becomes an Optum Labs Data Selling Promoter Amidst Doctor Complaints Received Relative To United Firing of 5500 MDs–Subsidiary Watch

So maybe with this desire to have all these records available for researchers he can dive in and see the the money that is already being made selling the information.  In addition hospitals are in partnerships to make some money too as part owners so give them some revenue streams so I guess we come full circle here with “data selling” right?  On the other hand doctors who need this information especially with senior patients are getting cut loose as well. 

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Doctor Firing Moves On Into Ohio, New York, And Maybe More? CMS Has Known For Months About the Changes And Is Monitoring….United’s Cost Algorithm Says…You’re Out the Door

Here’s  another recent addition with a hospital to give their medical records up for research and profit I guess you have to say too, so Larry’s idea comes with complexities and making money selling such data. 

United Healthcare Adds McLaren Care Health System Into the Shared Clarity Data Mining And Selling Venture Along With Dignity Health

We all know Google is no stranger to the data game as they collect and create probably some of the largest data files on us around the web.  So nice comment from Larry Paige but with all the money being made selling and mining data, it’s not going to happen unless someone makes big money at it as it already has it’s start.  BD 

Larry Page

, co-founder and CEO of Google, is not a fan of the US government's privacy intrusions. "For me, it's tremendously disappointing that the government secretly did all this stuff and didn't tell us," he told Charlie Rose during an interview on the TED stage this week. "I don't think we can have a democracy if we have to protect you and your users from the government."

Not that Page is against open data. As the sufferer of a rare condition that has caused him to lose his voice, he's open to the opportunities that medical data can offer.

"Wouldn't it be amazing to have anonymous medical records available to all research doctors?" he asked. Page also suggested that patients could be notified whenever a doctor looks at their record. As we noted in our list of the world-changing ideas for 2014, doctors are already thinking about the possibility of transferring data from wearable health sensors into electronic medical records, de-identifying it, and making it public.


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