Well if you have read the news of late we kind of all know what happened in Oregon with their state exchange.  Their problems began when the state decided to add 9 more months of coding to the project and add on some of the state social services to work with the insurance exchange which is now pretty ugly.  All the contractors who bid on the project, except Oracle withdrew their bids when that happened and Oracle tried to build it, but probably theimage bottom line here is the fact that it was way too complex to create in the short time frame allowed.  The state government is seems still has a bit of a blame game going on there as well. 

Oracle Pulls 100 Programmers From Cover Oregon Insurance Exchange - Remember They Were the Only Contractor That “Did Not” Withdraw Their Bid When the State Upped The Anny With Additional Social Services Coding Added

One of the examples happening in Nevada has to do with lack of integrity with the State data as by mistake they had some bad algorithms and data streams that showed many applicants being in jail when in fact they were not, so they could not buy health insurance via the exchange.  Nevada is having issues with their state exchange as well and it needs a fix.

Couple Applying for Health Insurance Through Exchange Encounters a Nightmare Due to “Flawed Data” With Husband’s Background Check-Said He Was Incarcerated - One More Attack of the Killer Algorithms Related Back to the Data Selling Epidemic in the US

Time will tell if there’s room for some more exceptions as that’s the name of the game here and no matter where you turn “its those damn algorithms” (the complex IT infrastructures) that have to work and play together that are messing things up as many systems and data contained there in get married as we have never seen before.  BD

Those Damn “Killer Algorithms” Keep Screwing Up Obamacare, One more Delay Added for Small Businesses, Static Text Laws and Digital Technology Crossing Hairs, We Continue To Endure the Constant Rise And Fall Of The Machines…

At least two states are requesting a longer Obamacare enrollment period--and they might get it.

The Obama administration has been very clear that the enrollment deadline for health insurance purchased on the exchanges is March 31, and that it doesn't think it has the authority to extend it. But because some consumers continue to have trouble signing up, officials are eyeing a "special enrollment period" that would virtually extend the deadline to get coverage.

Nevada and Oregon hope to qualify for one of the health law's special enrollment periods. Consumers in both states have faced technical issues in getting coverage: Oregonians still don't have a functioning online exchange, and Nevadans are receiving error messages and hitting other site glitches reminiscent of HealthCare.gov's early days.

Just under 39,000 Oregonians and 29,000 Nevadans had successfully selected a plan as of March 1, according to data from the Health and Human Services Department--fewer than 1.6 percent of all Obamacare enrollees nationwide.

State exchange officials have reached out to HHS to request permission to extend the enrollment period. Oregon exchange spokeswoman Ariane Holm said the state is seeking an extension through the end of April. Nevada is looking at up to 60 days, as permitted by law.



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