Ok this is a “baby step” initial end to end and let’s hope there’s a phase 2 for bigger batches as not too many out there are batching 3 claims or less at a time.  This is important with the testing.  imageI can understand the initial small amount requested as the first process is checking a limited number of claims with various types of providers, claims, etc. and small batches are easier to pinpoint any obvious bugs or issues.  You do need a stage two though and hopefully they will do that with larger batches. 

April 14th is the day slated to notify those who have been accepted for the trial runs.  In one week each participant can submit up to 50 claims.  The number of testers also has some impact here as well so the more the merrier.  Also no more than 5 NPIs and 10 HICNs per submitter.  For gosh sakes if chosen, do not cross the 50 claims limit or those may not get paid.

There’s an out for those who will not be ready with Medicare Contractors providing, guess what “free software” to bill with ICD10 codes but most vendors have probably covered this pretty well for the most part with their clients and the software is only for fee for service billing going to Medicare.  BD 

CMS in a March 14 notice said it will test with more than 500 organizations. Medicare contractors have posted a volunteer form on their Web sites where organizations can submit their applications. Contractors will notify volunteers by April 14 that they have been selected to test and will provide relevant information. Testing will take place July 21-25.  “End-to-end testing includes the submission of test claims to CMS with ICD-10 codes and the provider’s receipt of a Remittance Advice that explains the adjudication of the claims,” the agency explains.

The goal of testing is to demonstrate that providers and other submitters can successfully submit ICD-10 codes to Medicare’s FFS claims systems, and the CMS software will appropriately adjudicate claims and produce accurate remittances. CMS will select participants that represent a broad cross-section of provider types, claims types and submitter types.



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