NueMD is a valued advertiser at the Medical Quack and I encourage you to use the link at the right to take and look and see what they have been up to.  I just changed the link today to their new website and in addition to their billing and practice management software there’s some new services that are designed to work with small practices so if you are one of those, take a look.  My big concern with ICD10 is CMS and their testing.  After the roll out of Healthcare.Gov I can’t stress enough the importance of testing and retesting in the complex world we live in today and I think a second round of testing from CMS would be wise after they do the first round as I think you need to see some bigger batches roll through successfully as well.  I know all about small spot testing and how it compares imageto when you turn the fire hose on and things can and do change, so some mini fire hoses would be good thing to check out ahead of time.

CMS Wants ICD10 End to End Testers To Sign Up Soon, Batches Limited to 3 At a Time and Maximum of 50 Claims Each, I Think A Second Test Date For Larger Batches Could Be A Good Idea Too

The questions are multiple choice and you even can say “there should be no ICD10” if you want.  In addition the questions asked are trying to find out if you are still on paper, bill electronically and use electronic medical records.  I did the test but I don’t think one person like me will skew it too badly:)  Here’s a video below that does a small introduction and tells you what the survey is all about along with the NueMD press release below.   It will be interesting to see what is said as a survey is a survey and there’s no right or wrongs with adding your opinion.   73% so far are worried about the negative impact as was reflected in a 2012 survey, and let’s face it there will be issues and delays and folk in Health IT are not novices at this and “we know” disruption will be there and the goal is to keep it at an absolute minimum if at all possible.  I did a recent post about a hospital that had to go out for a line of credit “just in case” as they said they could only hold out for 2 months before running out of money. 

NueMD Survey


Survey Invitation: Attitudes Towards ICD-10

NueMD Launches Survey to Help the Healthcare Industry Better Prepare for Changes in HIT Standards

ATLANTA, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NueMD is conducting an online survey to measure healthcare professionals' attitudes towards the transition to ICD-10. All healthcare professionals who are affected by ICD-10 are encouraged to participate. Participants can access the brief survey at The survey takes about five minutes to complete, and all responses will be kept confidential.

As we near the October 2014 deadline, the results will help medical practices benchmark against their peers and allow HIT vendors and consultants to better prepare for changes in HIT standards. The results of the survey will be published on NueMD's website and shared with the industry as an informational resource.

The survey aims to capture thoughts on the transition timeline, anticipated effects on specific business areas, and the reliability of different sources of information on new standards.

Researchers from NueMD conducted a similar survey in 2012, "Attitudes Towards the Transition to ICD-10 and ANSI-5010." According to the results, 96 percent of the respondents reported they were concerned about the potential impact of the transition to ICD-10. The survey also revealed 73 percent of the respondents anticipated the process would negatively impact their operations and finances, as well as their personal and staff state of mind.

NueMD plans to conduct a follow-up survey to reevaluate the industry's perception of ICD-10 in early 2015.

To participate in the survey, please visit

Is is going to be a “wrecking ball”…here’s another fun video from NueMD a parody…and it just kind of seemed to fit the venue here today (grin).  BD 
Wrecking Ball - ICD10?


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