This is one of several patent infringements suits filed by MMRGlobal and if you read here oftenimage enough I have covered several of them to include Allscripts for one.   This is an interesting settlement as part of the agreement also states that the subsidiary of Walgreens, will also be selling the PHR from MMRGlobal, on their website.  Here’s the original post from my archives with additional details regarding the patents that were in question. 

MMRglobal (MyMedicalRecords.Com) Files Complaint In California Against Walgreen For Technology Patent Violations

Just a few days ago I also had a post with Walgreens filing patent infringements against CVS and Rite-Aid. 

Walgreens Suing CVS, Rite Aid, Wants License and IP Damage Reimbursement, Patent Violations, Software Used For Refilling Prescriptions Via Mobile Phone Scanners…Not Getting Enough Data to Sell?

There have been a couple other patent infringement cases settled such as Interbit  but this appears to be the largest so far.  A couple years ago I spoke with Bob Lorsch about the patent violations before many of the larger cases had been filed.  Their original PHR patents filed go back a number of years and there are some additional pending applications that I assume relate to the original technologies that were covered. 

MMRglobal Patent Portfolio, Bob Lorsch, CEO Answers Questions Relative to Patented Technologies

The dollar amount of the settlement was not stated as far as what Walgreens paid for the license purchased.  Below is the press release from today.  BD 

Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, CA and DEERFIELD, IL -- (Marketwired) -- 03/06/14 -- MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCQB: MMRF), through its wholly owned subsidiary MyMedicalRecords, Inc. (collectively, "MMR"), and Walgreen Co. (NYSE: WAG) (NASDAQ: WAG) ("Walgreens") announced today that they have entered into a Settlement and Licensing Agreement (the "Agreement") to resolve two patent infringement lawsuits brought by MMR. Pursuant to the terms of the imageAgreement, Walgreens purchased a Non-Exclusive License to the MMR family of patents.

The settlement arises from litigation involving MMR's U.S. Patent No. 8,301,466 and U.S. Patent No. 8,498,883. MMR's patent portfolio also includes U.S. Patent Nos. 8,121,855; 8,117,045; 8,117,646; 8,301,466; 8,321,240; 8,352,287; 8,352,288; 8,498,883; 8,626,532 and 8,645,161 as well as numerous pending applications. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Walgreens has also agreed to sell MMR's MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record (the "MMR-PHR") on The remaining terms of the Agreement are confidential.

About MMRGlobal
MMRGlobal, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, MyMedicalRecords, Inc., (MMR) is a leading provider of secure and easy-to-use online Personal Health Records ("PHRs") and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions incorporating its patented MyMedicalRecords PHR. Each MyMedicalRecords account covers up to 10 family members, including pets, and enables users to safely store medical records and images and other important documents, such as copies of birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, financial information, wills and advance directives, in the system and access and share them anytime from anywhere over an Internet-connected device anywhere in the world. MyMedicalRecords is currently available in English and Spanish, with other languages being added. Each MMR account includes file upload, e-mail, inbound/outbound fax and voice messaging as well as a special Emergency Login, which makes potentially life-saving health information accessible to medical personnel and first responders. Critical data is pre-selected by users to protect the confidentiality of records in the account. Additionally, each account includes numerous health management tools such as automatic prescription alerts and appointment reminders as well as a drug interaction tool that checks for adverse reactions between over 30,000 prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. The Company's professional offering, MMRPro, is designed to give physicians' offices an easy and cost-effective solution to digitize paper-based medical records and share them with patients through an integrated patient portal. The Company also owns a portfolio of biotech assets that include anti-CD20 antibodies, data and samples from the FavId™ vaccine clinical trials for the treatment of B-Cell Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. To learn more about MMRGlobal, Inc. visit View demos and video tutorials of the Company's products and services at

About Walgreens
As the nation's largest drugstore chain with fiscal 2013 sales of $72 billion, Walgreens ( vision is to be the first choice in health and daily living for everyone in America, and beyond. Each day, Walgreens provides more than 6 million customers the most convenient, multichannel access to consumer goods and services and trusted, cost-effective pharmacy, health and wellness services and advice in communities across America. Walgreens scope of pharmacy services includes retail, specialty, infusion, medical facility and mail service, along with respiratory services. These services improve health outcomes and lower costs for payers including employers, managed care organizations, health systems, pharmacy benefit managers and the public sector. The company operates 8,206 drugstores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Take Care Health Systems is a Walgreens subsidiary that is the largest and most comprehensive manager of worksite health and wellness centers and in-store convenient care clinics, with more than 750 locations throughout the country.


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