This is currently being crowd funded and let’s face it, even those who do work out imagereligiously seem to be jumping on this one.  If you wear it to work, no problem, folks can easily get used to seeing your body parts twitch when you tell them what’s going on:)  Indiegogo is the place to go to find out more and contribute to back the product if you want.

Other than sticking it on your body it looks like you don’t have to do much and spend a lot of time interacting with the device and the app on your cell phone.  The phone collects the data of course.  They are promoting the product with the hopes of you moving around and not sitting on your butt though to really benefit. 

If hidden under your clothes folks may not even see the muscle twitching so you can sit at your desk and work as well.   The plan is eventually to make the product communicate with Google Wear Smart Watches.  The product used to stick on your body has been FDA approved.  You can also find out more about the product here at their home page.  BD

Singapore-based startup Smartmissimo has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for its product SmartMio, a sports muscle stimulator designed to help enhance sports performance.

SmartMio uses electronic muscle stimulation or EMS,image and mimics what the brain does during a workout – that is, send nerve impulses to engage the muscles.

The device consist of two sticky electrode pads that users can attach to the part of the body they want to target during their workout. Users can initiate and control their workout via an accompanying app available for Android and iOS devices. SmartMio comes with pre-set programs for various workouts designed for athletes or enthusiasts of any level.

The device is designed for those who don’t have enough time to exercise or those who want to complement their existing workouts. Smartmissimo founders Alex Pisarev and Filip Almakov created SmartMio to help enthusiasts and athletes enhance their workout with a muscle stimulator that they can use wherever and whenever.!BbexZ


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