We have all seen this robot doctor, or at least you have if you keep up with this blog, and now it appears he will be trading in his white coat for a set of fatigues.  The same company, Ryder is now working on a new robot that will work with the military. 

The hospital version can be leased for 6-8k a month and Florida has funds to connect robots to around 20 trauma centers around the state.  UCLA has at least one of these units running around as well and many other hospitals across the US currently have RoboDoc on staff.   BD

How ya doing, soldier?" asks the robot. Its face is a TV monitor displaying the image of an expert trauma surgeon sitting at a laptop in the Ryder Trauma Center at the University of Miami/Jackson Medical Center, 11,200 miles away. The robot sends the soldier's image and voice to the distant doctor.

Under the guidance of the Ryder surgeon, doctors and nurses in the distant field hospital tend the soldier's wounds.
The robot doesn't touch the patient, but it lets the doctor from afar see and hear the patient and the on-site doctors, and let's them see and hear the distant doctor, carrying on a conversation.

Under development now is a robotic attachment that could act as a stethoscope, ultrasound probe and other instruments, giving the distant doctor more direct control. 

Medical robot is doctor's eyes on battlefield

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