The number of transplants decreased and it appears other facilities are available, competition is also cited as one other reason.  Recently imageposted was an article about University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  on the east coast and how they marketed and worked to secure additional liver transplants and it gives some additional insight into how hospitals and the transplant business works, and the marketing forces sometimes behind the scenes.  BD 

Doing a Volume Business in Liver Transplants – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A Sacramento hospital is shutting down its liver transplant program due to a shortage of organ donors and increased competition at other Northern California hospitals. Hospital officials say UC Davis Medical Center has begun the process to move 37 patients to other waiting lists. According to Dr. Allan Siefkin, chief medical officer, UC Davis has performed 11 surgeries this year compared to 25 last year. The ideal number for doctors to keep their surgical skills sharp is 40 to 50.

Sacramento hospital drops liver transplant center - California -


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