Not only a foot, but also part of an intestine was in the brain.  Strange stories about the human anatomy, but perhaps lifesaving here.  I have read about teeth as an example being found in ovaries too, but a foot in the brain with part of an intestineimage where it does not belong is very strange indeed and no doubt would have caused big problems as the infant grew.  BD

A pediatric brain surgeon Colorado Springs, Colorado was operating on a 3-day-old baby and found a foot growing in his brain. "The foot literally popped out of the brain," Grabb told TheDenverChannel Wednesday. The appendage threatened the newborn's life.

When [Dr. Paul] Grabb performed the life-saving surgery at Memorial Hospital for Children in Colorado Springs, he was in for another surprise: he also found what appeared to be parts of an intestine in the folds of the infant's tiny brain, in addition to another developing foot, hand and thigh.

Doctor finds foot growing in brain of infant - Boing Boing


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