This makes perfect sense as Intel is already involved in other automobile projects, the autonomous car for one.  If you have read this blog, I have featured some really neat stories about this.  Get the drunks off the road and let the car drive you home.  Think this is is too futuristic, maybe not so.  Would certainly serve to keep many out of the ER room. 

The Urban Challenge is conducted by DARPA and those are in development.  You can read more here.  Combine an electric car technology along with one that drives itself and that can make for a real sweet deal.  Intel has the talent to write the algorithms to make this happen.

The technology on the car is nothing more than 2 quad core servers that you can buy off the shelf.  So the idea of combining battery operated car with the autonomy is outstanding.  The Intel Car was built at Stanford University and names “Junior”.  I used to do some training for Intel, thus I tend to sometimes follow some of these events.  Check out the related reading section for videos and more information on how the the car bots work, fascinating.  Last November when the event was held, someone projected that the car that drives itself could be around 5 years away, and that’s really not that far and who knows if that time projection could have moved up a bit too with the rapid pace of technology today.  The car bots could test your alcohol level and not let you drive, in that case, turn on the software and put the car to work with it’s new batter power. 

Intel has also been in the news of late with their new home monitoring device, so their commitment to healthcare is right up there.

Does Intel know about medical errors, well first hand Betty Moore, wife of Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore was the victim of medical errors herself while in the hospital.  This lead to a big contribution lf 100 million to establish  a Nursing School in northern California. 

The co-founder of Intel and his wife are giving $100 million to the University of California, Davis to establish a nursing school.
The gift from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is the largest donation ever to the university and is believed to be the largest gift in the nation for nursing education.
The money will be donated over 11 years and will go to create the school at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.
Gordon Moore is co-founder and chairman emeritus of Intel, the Santa Clara-based chip maker.  He is best known for "Moore's Law," his 1965 prediction that the number of transistors on a chip should double about every two years.
Ken Moore, the couple's son, said the donation grew out of his mother's own poor care during a hospital stay.
A nurse gave her a shot of insulin that was supposed to go to the patient in the next bed.
"They nearly had two deaths out of one medical error. That was the start of her really being interested in nursing care," Ken Moore said.

Betty Moore received insulin shots that were for the patient in the next bed and it came close to resulting in 2 possible deaths.  BD 

Chip giant Intel (INTC) has had a rough fall, warning that business is getting much worse as the PC market slows. So how to juice growth? One idea: Start developing batteries for plug-in electric cars. That's what former Intel Chairman Andrew Grove thinks the company should do, at least, according to the WSJ. WSJ: Former Intel Corp. chairman Andrew Grove is pushing the world's biggest maker of microprocessors to consider a new venture -- becoming a manufacturer of advanced batteries for plug-in electric cars.

Intel, The Car Company (INTC)

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