This reports indicates that more and more individuals are looking to the PHR as a way of maintaining their medical records. We do need some leadership in training individuals how to use and work with them as well.

If you look at the related reading below, the one article somewhat relates to the acceptance and use of technology, “Its for those Guys over there”, which basically explores why there is a lack of use and leadership on such projects, as too many seem to look at a consumer product that is for everyone, as not being something they could use, but rather be the leader and preach to others instead. So, the key effort here is for everyone to explore from CEOs down to the janitor and see how personal health records can benefit and are a vital tool in keep all your medical information together.

Even with conversations I have on the web and in person at healthcare facilities, it still surprises me to see the number of clinicians, medical staff, patients, etc. that are unaware of the existence of the PHR. The best way to become acquainted is to sign up and get one, and this also allows for more intelligent conversations both in person and on the web. I get many questions on their use and see many other blogs and web sites discussing PHRs, but yet the authors have yet to even try one, but see lines of text with their analysis of how they either think they are of benefit or the opposite. How can one analyze something they have never tried it?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion by all means, but for goodness sakes, this is a consumer product for everyone, so before one starts talking about their use and how they feel about them, open an account and try it out for yourself first. It would certainly give some added credibility one way or the other to both journalism and blog posts on the subject. Once more, here’s the links to the sites to get started, if you don’t feel it is for you, then cancel, but at least give a running start and explore what is offered. BD

ARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., Dec 09, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Some people are not waiting for the Federal government's potential system of electronic medical records and are taking matters into their own hands, according to a new national Morpace survey. Twenty-seven percent of American adults now say they are "extremely likely or somewhat likely" to create an online personal health record (PHR) to help track their medical history and medications.

"This movement is being driven by the availability of new technology as well as by people's desire to take control of their own health care and have manageable access to their medical information," said Susan Semack, Vice President of the Morpace Health Care Practice. Recently Internet giants Google and Microsoft, along with traditional online health service companies such as WebMD and Revolution Health, have begun offering online personal health record services at no charge. "As awareness of these kinds of services builds," Semack said, "many people will be open to using them."

Morpace Reports: Many Likely to Create Own Online Personal Medical Record – MarketWatch

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