Every time the baby kicks, it uploads a message to the server and can send out a text message to a cell phone.  Just think, migrate this on over to Facebook and Friend Feed.  Good way for the future dad to stay in touch!  You may want to make the tweets private though as you may not have too many followers on Twitter, depending on how often the baby moves, and if you get enough folks doing the same, well all of us who use Twitter know what happens when overload occurs.  BD  image

A new pregnancy belt created by an NYU grad student and worn by his wife notifies him whenever their unborn baby kicks inside the womb.

Dad-to-be Corey Menscher, whose wife, Ellen, is eight months pregnant with the couple's first baby, wanted to (at least digitally) feel each and every kick their active little pre-born babe was making. 

For a class project, the second year grad student invented what he dubbed the Kickbee.

The wearable device made of a stretchable band with embedded electronics and sensors isn't exactly a model of comfort.

Small Piezo sensors attached directly to the band transmit small but detectable voltages when they are triggered by movement underneath.

An Arduino Mini micro-controller wirelessly transmits the signals to an accompanying Java application via Bluetooth.



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