Security breach of the week.  I swear I seem to post more articles like this than I ever have on Google or Microsoft, so with the standards each one has as far as keeping the internet secure, I still wonder why we are all beating around the HIPAA security issues with PHRs, as when you protect the enterprise and the world, you have to have very high security standards.  Better training on health care IT would not hurt a bit as well.  BD 

CONCORD – About 9,300 Medicare recipients are being urged to take steps to protect their credit and bank accounts after the state Department of Health and Human Services inadvertently released their Social Security numbers earlier this month.

Associate HHS Commissioner Nancy Rollins said the agency accidentally attached the information in a Dec. 1 e-mail to 61 health providers. The e-mail went to nursing homes, home health-care agencies and Service Link offices that help seniors choose their Medicare Part D plans each year.


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