You know that is the last place you want a sex predator lurking around, but they are everywhere in society.  Some states do not allow imageconvicted sex predators to work in this area, which is probably a good idea.

With telemedicine though picking up, it won’t be long before all of the activity in the back of the van will be recorded or viewed live by some at a hospital and that will probably bring this issue, or at least most of it to a halt as it will all be recorded.  I was talking to a union steward the other day that drives for one of the major oil companies, delivering gas, and he told me the tanker trucks have had cameras mounted and running in the cabs of the trucks now for a few years, so when you take the job, the cameras are rolling.  So we are just a bit behind in that area here, but catching up quick.  

Also, look at police cars that tape and record incidents, so it’s only a natural for ambulances to have some type of recording devices.  Many are already equipped with Tablet PCs, and other devices that send the patient vitals to the hospital.  BD 

DALLAS (AP) - They answer the call 24-7, often risking their own safety to rescue the sick and injured and rush them to the hospital. But some paramedics have been more predator than hero. Over the past 18 months, at least 129 ambulance attendants across the U.S. have been accused of sex-related crimes on duty or off, an investigation by The Associated Press found. Some of them molested patients in the back of an ambulance.

ABC News: Ambulance Attendants Accused of Molesting Patients

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