In August I posted a story from 60 Minutes about the machine and now it looks like it is going to the right place for further evaluation, the FDA. 

From my prior post: 

The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the University of Pittsburgh both have the machine and are doing some additional testing.  Mr. Kanzius was not from the medical field and somewhat stumbled up on his creation, being a person suffering from cancer as well.

So many hopeful cure stories are emerging from the press and basically there’s not much being overlooked these days.  Fortunately enough there are enough physicians and scientists who read this blog that come along and add either opinions or some very vital information for consideration, and if they are complete hoaxes, they let us know there as well.  I am always open to information and anything that adds value on the blog to healthcare.  Watch the video from 60 minutes at the prior link.  With a couple universities looking at the machine, this tends to at least give some possibilities that there may be something to it and they may be starting clinical trials sometime in 2009, which of course will help bring some credible findings to the table, along with information hopefully provided by the FDA too.  BD 

SANIBEL ISLAND: A Sanibel man used his background in broadcasting to discover a possible cure for cancer. Now, his findings have been further validated by newly-released research. A report published Friday shows promising new advances in the possible cancer cure John Kanzius dreamt up in his Sanibel Island garage.

With no medical background, the former broadcaster turned to what he knew - radio. His idea is to fuse cancer cells with gold nanoparticles, then fry them with radio waves.

FDA checking out local man's possible cancer cure - News-

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