The story here is the reliability so with not having to mess around with sending DVDs back and forth in the mail and answering other related questions, the need for support has dropped as technology is better. 

The Common User Interface from Microsoft for Medical Records is also powered by Silverlight, maybe a message here for software developers, and there’s some Server 2008 in here too for extra bandwidth and virtualization it provides too, so both have had an effect on how the videos stream and perform.   Check out the related reading section. 

As companies continue to grow, technology is still growing to replace functions that are now being done at a slower pace by humans, and of course there are some things we will always do, but as business intelligence grows in today’s world the solutions are rolling out.  BD

One of the best posts I have had on this blog is how Vanderbilt University used Silverlight and Server 2008 to create software they make available for all to alert clinical staff for the onset of Sepsis, which kills thousands every year. 

Also Vanderbilt Medical Center created a Microsoft technology solution to quickly identify Sepsis and you can read more here, which entails a solution with Server 2008, SQL server and the use of Silverlight to give clinicians a clear and active visual to detect immediately before the condition would progress any further without immediate attention. 

Healthcare jumping out with Server 2008 and all the updated components for the application to track Sepsis, a systemic inflammatory response to infection which can progress to circulatory system dysfunction, multiple organ failure, and eventually death. 

Steve Swasey, VP of Corporate Communications, here to let you know about some changes in Customer Service. For those of you who watch movies instantly on your PC or Mac, you may have noticed our player is much easier to install and use now with Silverlight. The good news is fewer problems for you. The bad news is that we are now overstaffed with technical specialists in our Customer Service (CS) group. So last week we announced internally some changes in CS. 50 of our technical specialists will work through December, then be let go in early January after the holidays. 15 of our technical specialists will take new roles in the main CS group.

The Official Netflix Blog: Changes in Customer Service

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