This is a special post and all of us will probably remember the horrible incident from years back at Chernobyl.  We are all facing some economic setbacks and problems here this holiday season as well, but take a look and see what remains from this incident of years ago.

A friend of mine volunteers for the project, and has for many years.  They also have their own YouTube Channel where more videos can be seen here.  Be prepared, some of the videos may be a little upsetting, but when you look at what has happened here with the radioactive damage that killed people and left the children lost and alone, well it somewhat might make you feel a bit lucky by comparison. 

Charity Donations and Volunteers are always needed and some of the information is below from the website.  If you don’t have a favorite charity to support, this is one that could certainly be added to anyone’s list. 

Their work is based on the 2004 Academy Award winning documentary, a "Chernobyl Heart".  BD 


We seek physicians, nurses, social workers,  occupational therapists, speech language therapists, and physical therapists.  As we develop our programs, we will seek the counsel of other therapeutic professions. We will put volunteers to work in orphanages, community centers, hospitals, and community project sites.

If you are interested in volunteering , email us your CV and let us know your ideas of how you might be able to help.  Even if we are not able to put you to work right away, it helps us to start the dialog and to have a "talent pool" at the ready. 

Volunteers generally raise funds to pay for their own plane travel, and usually sleep at their project site (usually a local orphanage).  We can talk about the many questions you  probably have after you send your CV and we set aside a time for a phone call. Read on down the page to learn more about our volunteers and what they do.

Valandmisha If you are moved to make an outright donation to support our work, you can click the "donate now" button on the upper right hand side of this page, or send a check or call us.  If you would like to make a wire transfer or donate stock, email us or call us at 888-CCP-8080.

Corporate Sponsors:  Every program we have outlined in the "how we help" section us this website is looking for corporate donors.  Email us to start a dialog about how we might work together.

Raise Funds

Our supporters have raised funds for us in many ways. 

Click here to see how other supporters have raised funds and awareness.

If you have an idea, you can either just do it, or email or call us at 888-CCP-8080 and we can brainstorm.  And thank you so much.

Chernobyl Children's Project International: our mission


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