Nice story and sad how losing the job drove the family to the extremes that occurred along with the other incidents listed.  Nice they were nominated and hopefully a real helping hand here for all.

Now if you are a tech person and want to see an extreme make over for servers, check here.  A bit of a different story, for the tech readers here on the blog.  BD 

The sad story of the Girard family is a reminder that drug industry downsizing is much more than a numbers game.image

The Connecticut family’s troubles began more than a year ago, when Pfizer laid off Thomas Girard, according to news reports. Soon, Thomas and his wife Carol fell behind on their mortgage payments. Next, their house in Voluntown burned.

And then, Thomas and 18-year-old son Marc died drowning, leaving Carol to take care of four children without a home.

The family, which has been staying with Carol’s mom, got a bit of good news last week when ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” began building a new, five-bedroom home. A friend had nominated the family for the show.


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