If you use Outlook on two or more computers, this is heavenly, no more having to synch with some 3rd party software by using your hotmail address.  Now I also went one step further and have my website hosted for free at Microsoft Live Office Small Business, so I get even more and it’s all free, so I have been very satisfied.

I used the Outlook Connector to update both my desktop and tablet pc with my calendars, email and contacts, and it does my Windows Mobile for me on the cell phone, so through the Outlook Connector and Office Live for Small Business, I am in synch with my desktop version of Outlook all the time.  For my RSS Feeds I use the Outlook Newsgator Feed software too so it synchronizes with the web version, so even my RSS feeds are all in synch as well.

imageOne more goodie is the Office Live Workspace to connect and share other Microsoft Office Documents, etc.  I recommend all 3 if you are a small business as it had made keeping everything in synch a breeze and I can continue to use both the web and desktop versions in harmony.  Could be perfect for using in the small medical practice to keep track of everyone’s schedule effortlessly.  BD 

After two betas, the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1 has now been made available in its final format. With this free add-in, you can integrate your Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Calendar directly within Outlook. In this new release, the connector has been improved so that syncing your contacts and email is "faster and more robust," says Alessio Roic, Outlook Program Manager, on their team blog

If you use the new Windows Live Calendar service, you’ll be happy to know that the Connector will also sync your calendars to Outlook – even if you have more than one. And if you are a member of any shared Windows Live Calendars, those can be synced, too.


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