Here’s a listing of the top 10 numbers.  As stated below, the numbers are based on forthcoming announcements as well as what has imagetranspired.  Full listing is available at the source. 

As a side note, some companies are hiring in other areas, restructuring, etc. so it is not unusual to see job cuts in some areas, while hiring might be occurring in other areas of the company.  Also, as a reminder, some of the positions could be outsourced overseas while some Pharma companies are using 3rd party outsourced sales companies here in the US as well.  BD  

1. Pfizer - 10,000 jobs
2. AstraZeneca - 9,000 jobs
3. Merck - 8,400 jobs
4. Bayer - 6,100 jobs
5. Schering-Plough - 5,500 jobs
6. Johnson & Johnson, 5,475 jobs
7. Wyeth - 5,000 jobs
8. Bristol-Myers Squibb - 4,300 jobs
9. Novartis - 4,300 jobs
10. Glaxo - 3,710 jobs

“Please note that our list includes both cuts recently made and those forthcoming. Moreover, we included layoffs that were announced during the closing months of 2007, since some had not yet taken place or were just getting under way and are being spread out over time.”

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