In some areas, there are some available for free, Giant Food is running it for 3 months, and each retailer’s plan is different; however, if you need other medications, you may want to do some price checking as they could be a bit higher.  The generics are limited, so if they are not found on the free listings here, use the links to the $4.00 medications on this site, and the link to “Needy Meds”, which are always posted here in the resource area of the blog.  BD 

In this case, they’re free — at least for now. Giant Food is giving away generic antibiotics from Jan. 2 to March 21, including amoxicillin, penicillin and ciprofloxacin. Details are here. The program will also be available at Giant’s sister chain, Stop & Shop.image

Since Wal-Mart started its four-dollar program a couple of years ago, cheap generics have become almost a necessity to bring in customers.

“We have a lot more competition these days,” Robin Michel, EVP and general manager at Giant, told the Baltimore Business Journal. “And there’s no way you can be more competitive than free.”

Other retailers with free antibiotics here:

Health Blog : Giant Supermarkets Gives Away Generic Antibiotics


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