If you go to the gym, working out on the bike can get a little more interesting.  Investors seem to like the idea as well.  I saw some of these systems when they originally came out and now the screens are doing more and taking up less room.

It states when riding you can actually have a life like experience in feeling the pull and strain of hills, etc.  No mention of what happens when you hit a tree. 

Even at the gym, everything is software settings and preferences, no more out of the box like the old days, as algorithms become more sophisticated in every walk of life today.  I would guess to say almost 90% of almost everything we do and touch today has software involved so we might as well get used to it as it’s not going away anytime soon. 

Like the rest of the trends in software perhaps soon we will be able to send these results out somewhere to be analyzed.  It seems things start out as being fun, and then wait a short while and we’re going to analyze it.  Just the way the world works today with all the information available, although some of us might just be a little happier not having some of the number and figures that are available.  BD


Expresso Fitness, a company that markets exercise bikes to gyms with a media twist. It just raised $14 million in a round of venture debt and private equity for equipment that uses customizable interactive software (in addition to standard TV and internet music) to give customers a unique premium workout.

Expresso pulls in $14M for interactive cardio equipment » VentureBeat


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