A cell phone with a camera right off the shelf was able to do this.  Looks pretty simple from the picture and amazing work from UCLA.  BD 

Talk about multi-functionality - just when you thought that cell phones can more or less do everything under the sun, along comes a bunch of scientists at UCLA who discovered a hack that is able to let your humble cell phone detect not only HIV but malaria and other illnesses as well, making it a suitable contraption that can help save lives in remote parts of the world where it is impossible to fly in huge, expensive machines.


UCLA researcher Dr. Aydogan Ozcan managed to image thousands of blood cells instantly by placing them on an off-the-shelf camera sensor, followed by lighting them with a filtered-light source. The filtered light will expose special qualities of the cells that will be interpreted by Ozscan's custom software for a more accurate diagnosis within minutes. What a great gift to the world this Christmas.

Cell Phone Detector


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