Something else to worry about as a patient too, diluted drugs.  The one part of this story that is also a bit unnerving is the comments about the medical records, photocopied, wrong lot numbers, and so on, so this says a little bit about the need for better record keeping in addition to the other items at hand and is not any help to either side of this situation at all.  BD 

A Fountain Valley doctor who settled a lawsuit two years ago over claims that his clinic gave a patient diluted immune-boosting infusions, now faces state discipline that could result in the loss of his medical license. Dr. Paul Cimoch, owner and medical director of the Center for Special Immunology, is accused by the California Medical Board of negligence and incompetence in his treatment of Denise Hasenstab. The Mission Viejo woman received infusions for six years, although blood tests showed her immune levels were unchanged afterward, board documents say.

In Orange County and nationally, doctors have been caught diluting the replacement antibodies with saline solution to make a higher profit.

The board documents describe the medical records as so flawed that it's impossible to know what she received. Instead of making new records for each visit, an old record was photocopied and marked over. The lot numbers for vials given were incorrect. Dose amounts were often written over.

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