I like the name “ Minimally Invasive EHR”, of course it reminds you of minimally invasive surgery procedures.  Of course it will integrate with Google Health too, as that should be a given here.  Maybe now we might start hearing some stories and experiences with actual employees who use Google Health.  In all areas of PHRs, there’s been a real lack of much “in-house” publicity from any of the personal health record programs.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to hear from not only Google employees, but also Microsoft employees who are using PHR software, I think that would be good all the way around for all of us, as both companies usually use their own software in-house long before it is released to the public. 

What would be nice is to hear from other employees outside the healthcare focus areas to hear some success stories, or for that matter some high up the ladder executives comments wouldn’t hurt either as both PHRs are consumer products and that’s for everyone, not just the rank and file.  There’s an entire section on the site with information about personal health records and more about Google Health in the related reading below.  BD

 Personal Health Records (PHR), I don’t do technology said the CEO, “it’s for those guys over there”

Press Release:

MIE Enterprise Health Suite Will Be Used to Support Google Employee Health and Wellness

FORT WAYNE, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) has announced that its WebChart Enterprise Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution has been selected by Google for its onsite employee health clinics. The EHR will be deployed at two locations in Mountain View, CA and one in Kirkland, WA, and will replace the current EMR system used by Google.

The MIE Enterprise Health EHR will integrate with the Google Health™ product, enabling Google employees or “Googlers” to send their health records to the onsite health center EHR prior to a visit. Medical information documented in the EHR during a clinical encounter can then be sent back to the employee’s Google Health Account for inclusion in their personal health record.

"As part of the Google Health team and as a Google employee, I am pleased that our own clinics can give patients full access to their health information," said Roni Zeiger, MD, Product Manager for Google Health. "Innovative products such as MIE's web-based EHR help put more patients at the center of their care."

“We are very pleased that Google has selected MIE’s WebChart EHR as a key component to help improve the health and wellness of its own people. As one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, we think it speaks volumes that Google continues to invest in secure, patient-centered and interoperable healthcare IT solutions,” said MIE Executive Vice President Peter Norder.

About MIE:


The MIE Enterprise Health Solution is used by Fortune 500 organizations operating on-site employee health clinics. This web-based suite of products integrates clinical, occupational health and employee engagement modules, and includes EMR, RIS/PACS, and Document Management functionality tailored for the specific needs of each enterprise. MIE’s Minimally Invasive EHR portfolio is also deployed in specialty and group medical practices that value MIE accessibility, flexibility, affordability and interoperability benefits. More information can be found at www.mieweb.com

Google selects MIE’s Electronic Health Record Solution for on Campus Google Medical Center

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Personal Health Records (PHR), I don’t do technology said the CEO, “it’s for those guys over there”
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