A couple months ago I posted on the serious issues of money also facing hospitals in Australia, so they appear to share the same failing business model we have for healthcare, but they do have the government who provides healthcare as a back up for those who do not have private health insurance.  Also, it appears some of the perhaps similar marketing models are in place with brokering and getting a commission for referrals for new enrollees.  One story said some of the hospitals were having to buy or borrow supplies from the local veterinarians.  BD 

THE timing couldn't be worse for many Australians already struggling to make ends meet. From April 1, about 10 million private health insurance customers will pay as much as 12 per cent more for their premiums.

The Federal Government has approved average increases of six per cent - equating to an extra $160 a year for a family's hospital and extras cover.

Experts say the price hikes will range between four and 12 per cent. 

But what if there was a way to buck the trend and make your premium go down?

One health-insurance comparison service says it can save people $1000 a year on their health insurance.

HelpMeChoose, a free online service, says average Australian families, couples or singles can save money by carefully examining what they want in their policies and excluding non-essential items.  It is a free service to consumers, but HelpMeChoose sometimes receives payment from its six participating health insurers for referrals.

Health insurance to rise | The Daily Telegraph

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