This is an implantable mechanical pump for the heart.  It is currently under clinical trials here in the US and has been approved for use in Europe.  image

This is not a small implant with everything contained as an individual needs to carry a unit as well.  The batteries only last a bit over 3 hours, but you can plug yourself in and use AC power as well.  LVAS, new term for me, left ventricular Assist System. 

The DuraHeart® Left Ventricular Assist System (LVAS) is one of a new generation of devices designed for long-term patient support. This new technology is designed to decrease complications such as strokes, infection and mechanical failures that are associated with mechanical circulatory assist devices.

With its unique design and technology, the DuraHeart LVAS assists the left side of the heart in pumping blood and improving circulation throughout the body. It combines centrifugal pump with magnetic-levitation technologies addressing problems associated with friction, mechanical wear and injury to blood cells.

The DuraHeart® LVAS helps the left ventricle pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. Since a failing heart cannot pump enough blood out to the body, the DuraHeart takes over the additional work.




When the pump is activated, the impeller position is precisely controlled by the electromagnetics and sensors to keep it centered within the blood chamber. Permanent magnets attract the impeller to the motor so when the motor spins, it causes the impeller to rotate and pump blood from the heart to the body.

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