The company is dealing direct and by-passing the 3rd party provider and gets the medications direct from Wal-Mart, so the outside pharmacy benefits manager if left out of the picture, and it appears so is the reporting information, so this may through a bit of a monkey wrench into the reporting process when tracking to see if patients are filling their prescriptions when tracking physician statistics, something that goes on today with using a $4.00 plan.image

When Pay for Performance and $4.00 Generic Prescriptions Hit the Wall

Tier one drug listings are pretty much all generic drugs.  BD

Wal Mart, which has changed the pharmacy industry by introducing their $4 generic drug program in 2006, announced another program that could revolutionize the prescription drug industry in the US. The company along with Caterpillar, a leading construction company, has embarked on this pilot drug program that could offer no co-pays for employees taking Tier-1 generics. 

As a part of this program, some of the select salaried and management employees of Caterpillar as well as its retirees and surviving spouses are allowed to get Tier-1 generic drugs with out filling any co-payment at all Wal-Mart, Sam's Clubs and Neighborhood Market stores from December 31, 2009. Generally, the co-payment for the generic drugs is $5 at other pharmacies.

Wal-Mart Unveils New Prescription Drug Program, Prevents Co-Pay System In US Drug Market


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