I hope I have not spoiled anyone’s vision on what “cloud computing” may look like, but this is what the portable data centers look like, not really a cloud at all, but some pretty interesting pictures, thanks to ZDNet.  It is amazing how all this data is crammed into such a small area.  Not all cloud data is destined for portable centers I might guess, but here’s the future on portable data centers.  BD 

It takes mucho computes and terabytes to create the 3D models used in Microsoft’s Virtual Earth online mapping service. So how do they cram 5,000 cores and 10,000 terabytes - 10 petabytes - of storage into 3 40 ft. shipping containers?

Containerized data centers
Sun pioneered containerized data centers with their 2006 water-cooled Project Blackbox. But the Microsoft model is air-cooled and in production today in Boulder, CO.




Inside a Microsoft data center | Storage Bits | ZDNet.com


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