The officer’s liver, kidneys and heart were donated, and all transplants were successfully completed Tuesday and early Wednesday.  Nice reminder for imageall of us to think about being on the donor list.  In California, we have the pink circle right on our driver’s license and it may vary in other states.  If you are not already registered on your driver’s license you can also register on the website.  Sad the officer lost his life in a gun battle doing his job, but wonderful his donations saved 4 other lives.  BD 

(CNN) -- Organs donated by a slain Oakland, California, police officer saved four lives, and his donated tissue will enhance the lives of up to 50 others, the California Transplant Donor Network said Wednesday.

Officer John Hege, 41, was pronounced brain dead on Sunday but was kept on life support pending a decision on organ donation. He was the fourth Oakland officer to die after a gunman fired on police in two weekend incidents.

"Officer Hege was registered on the Donate Life California Organ and Tissue Registry, which his family also supports," the donor network said in a news release. "He chose in death as he did in life to help those in need. His organ donations saved the lives of four adult males from California."

Four receive organs from slain California officer -


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