Dr. Halamka , Chief Information Officer and Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School took the time to speak with the CEO of eClinicalWorks, Girish Kumar, Linda Dillman, Executive Vice President of Benefits and Risk Management for Wal-Mart Stores, and Marcus Osborne, who leads Wal-Mart's healthcare business team and has some additional information to offer.  You can read the full post at his blog, but here’s the quick list he made on the package.  Being the software as a service model, I am guessing it will also be available for connectivity to HeatlhVault as well, so there’s one more reason for the EHR.  He already has some expertise in working with connecting eClinicalWorks with hospital systems. 

He also states the pricing is competitive with what has been done with BIDMC with a few additional services added in at the hospital.  The Wal-Mart efforts are certainly putting the focus of electronic records in the eye of the public through the strategic partnerships they have created.  eClinicalWorks certainly appears to understand the importance of interconnectivity and making the availability to delivery all over the US, well where ever there is a Sam’s Club and that’s some pretty substantial coverage.  BD 

“The cost for a full implementation of the eClincalWorks EHR purchased through Sam's Club is $25,000 for the first clinician in an office and $10,000 per additional clinician. It is a Software as a Service model, leveraging the cloud computing infrastructure that eClinicalWorks has deployed throughout the country.

The price includes:
*Office hardware (desktops, laptops, printers)
*Installation of the hardware
*Installation of the eCW software clients which Dell includes as part of the operating system image on the hardware
*Data Center support
*e-Prescribing integration
*Specialty specific templates i.e. cardiology, pediatrics
*12 weeks of project management
*5 days of onsite training by eCW staff
*Free unlimited online webinars (offered 30 times/week)
*The first year of support
After the first year, all support and service is $500/clinician/month.

“Wal-mart hopes this effort to package hardware, software, implementation, training, and support services together will be disruptive. No longer will clinicians be spending over $60,000 per person to get started with EHRs. This is not turning EHRs into a commodity, it's achieving the best value for clinicians by leveraging economies of scale, cloud computing, and the supply chain.”

Life as a Healthcare CIO: Electronic Health Records from Wal-mart

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