Not too long ago I had the opportunity to interview Mark Bleyer, President of Cook Biotech and Mike Hiles, Ph.D., VP of Research and Lead Research Scientist at Cook Biotech. 

We talked about exactly some of the same things shown here by Dr. Oz.  The product is called Biodesign from Cook Medical.    She had the man who’s finger grew back with pixie dust on the show. 

Regenerative Medicine and How it Works – Interview with Cook Biotech (Medical)


The pixie dust, originally posted here months back. 

Watch the video at the link from this year’s TED presentation, Allen Russell from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Regenerative Medicine – Material and Cell Based Regeneration of the Human Body

Back to Oprah and Dr. Oz, watch this fascinating tour of a a lab growing body parts from stem cells. 

Dr. Oz Visits a regenerative medicine lab in Wake Forest

This is a picture of a bladder grown from the patient’s own stem cells and being implanted with surgery. 


Thanks to advances in science and technology, Dr. Oz says people will one day be able to live longer, healthier lives. Dr. Oz says Wake Forest University is home of one of the country's foremost tissue regeneration labs. "These are technologies that fascinate me because they could add decades to our life," he says.
What is regenerative medicine? Dr. Anthony Atala, director of Wake Forest's program, says his team is working to create cells, tissues and organs for patients who may need them. "Right now, of course, we have a limited life span because your parts are breaking down," he says. "But imagine a time in the future when, once those parts start breaking down, you can just plug a new one right in."

Dr. Oz on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine -

If you didn’t get enough here, check out the links below for more information on both Cook Medical and Stem Cells.  BD 

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  1. I work with the longevity communities. We are looking for more people like you all that are into this kind of stuff.

    If anybody wants to collaborate more then get a hold of me. One of the main things we are doing is setting up a forums for researchers and students and the like. We are working to build a system to compile peer reviewed strategies and experiments for stuff like growing stem cells like this and other things that promote indefinite healthy longevity. One project we will start to this end is a broad undergraduate research initiative like the one at MF.

    Ill try to remember to check back in here.

  2. Thank you for your comment, but if you check back here again soon, give myself and the readers here a way to get in touch with you.

    Hope to see you here again soon.

  3. We are delighted that national leaders like Oprah are shedding light on this extremely innovative, interdisciplinary field of medical science. Regenerative medicine encompasses a wide array of applications that hold tremendous medical potential, especially for organ and tissue regrowth. While these forms of regenerative medicine carry an exciting future promise, we must recognize and appreciate the impact regenerative technologies, like our Biodesign products, are having on patients right now. From hernia repair to pelvic floor reconstruction, regenerative technologies are helping patients suffering from common, yet painful conditions, to dramatically improve their quality of life. This present-day regenerative medicine is already impacting modern medicine, giving us hope and promise of the still-to-come advances in this exciting field of medical technology.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Cook Biotech, who has some of that technology!

  5. I know this seems trite when talking about saving lives, but I was recently considering getting a tattoo excised. (18 laser treatments thus far and not promising results). The cutting out of the skin would leave me with some scars though.. but couldn't they cut it out and then sprinkle 'fairy dust?' and if so, where do I sign up? If I can't, it at least makes me think 'wait a few years..' until maybe I can?


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