A while back I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Shihadeh, vice president, Microsoft Health Solutions Group and we talked about the varied solutions of Amalga.  Here in the United States, the focus is providing their aggregated data system, in other words making use of what is already in place and building. 

Outside the US, many places are starting from the ground up with limited or no data systems in place and the hospital in Bumrungrad is one example.  The first video below shows the Amalga system at work, a full hospital records system. 

“Microsoft Amalga Hospital Information System 2009 . Amalga HIS is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated hospital information system designed for developing and emerging markets. Amalga HIS provides rich integration among a hospital’s front- and back-office modules, giving clinicians and administrators access to information within and across departments. Amalga HIS is built around an electronic medical record with complete patient and bed management, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology information system and picture archiving and communication system (RIS/PACS), pathology, financial accounting, materials management, and human resource systems.”

This is the second part of the system, the hardware, servers, etc.  The hospital caters to medical tourism patients as you will see by just watching the videos.  One thing you have to say, it’s beautiful building.  BD

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  1. Microsoft AMALGA is a disaster. Microsoft has been lying about the product's success at UWMC.


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