These are the types of videos that really show off how the HeatlhVault works!  You can read all you want, but seeing the devices wirelessly connected and transmitting data is another.  I like the wireless scale!  Many of these devices are already out there and available too. 

The visit to the doctor set up with Surface is also pretty cool too.  The son has diabetes and has a device that talks to the HealthVault and the visuals here again really help explain the process.  Also, the video talks about a couple other services/vendors, example there is a service that will put your information into the HealthVault for a small fee too if you can’t.  I use the $9.00 a year fax service and once it came in handy to send my grocery list there.  Be sure to watch both videos. 

Texas Health Resources is really working with Surface too. 



I have played around with this a little bit at the Microsoft Irvine Office with the old version of HealthVault on Surface.

Texas Health Resources, which operates 13 hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, is working with Microsoft to build health-care applications for Microsoft's multiuser, multitouch Surface computers.  BD

Hospital Operator Demos Health Care Application For Microsoft Surface

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