What we are finding out today about additives, as there is also a big move on Bisphenol A (BPA) as well, which appears to be a much more threatening product as it mimics estrogen.  The last thing we want is additional plastics proteins (grin).  We want the real thing.image

In all seriousness, it is amazing the intelligence we have created in the last few years to determine abandoning the use of some.  It’s too late for me at this point with Windex I’m afraid, have used it all my life.  One thing both product additives seem to have in common though is a disturbance in the hormone area.  BD  

A top manufacturer of household cleaners announced plans yesterday to eliminate a controversial plastics additive from its brand and voluntarily disclose all product ingredients.
S.C. Johnson – maker of Windex, Shout and Glade – said that it has begun working with its suppliers to end the use of phthalates, which soften plastics.
The move comes as lawmakers are debating regulations for many industrial chemicals as research suggests potentially serious health impacts. Phthalates, for example, interfere with hormones and have been linked to genetic abnormalities in baby boys.

Environmentalists and public-health advocates say that even if the science is not conclusive, there is enough uncertainty to warrant action.
S.C. Johnson also pledged to list all ingredients, including dyes, preservatives and fragrance ingredients – a first in the industry.

S. C. Johnson to Cleanse Phthalates from Their Household Products: Scientific American


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