This is a switch from what has occurred in the recent past, however, there are many questions and doubts from many sides of the potential class action lawsuit.  2 Chinese agencies also tested products and found no formaldehyde.  The FEMA trailers after the hurricane gave everyone an education on that product and again, none was found in tests.  The suit centers around allergic reactions allegedly suffered from the use of selected products.  My number one concern though would still be the milk and melamine though as that is consumed.  BD 

In a reversal of a now-familiar pattern, a group of Chinese families is preparing to file suit against American manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, claiming that the company imported contaminated products into China, causing their children to suffer allergic symptoms.

The suit follows a report from American non-profit group Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CFSC), which recently reported toxins in American-made bath products. The group reportedly found formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane in Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo and Procter & Gamble's Kandoo hand wash. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists both chemicals as possible carcinogens, and lists formaldehyde as a chemical with no safe level of exposure, meaning that even the smallest amount poses a risk to human health. Both chemicals are direct results of the manufacturing process and aren't listed on the ingredients label.

Johnson & Johnson is not considering a recall, citing past FDA findings that formaldehyde does not pose an appreciable risk if kept at a low level. The company blamed "false suspicions" for the uproar and the resulting lawsuit.

Chinese Lawsuit Claims Toxins in American Soap, Shampoo


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