One more effort to supply mobile healthcare employees for hospitals.  For many years nurses have worked through a registry and now the mobile temporary and contract positions are expanding into additional healthcare areas.  It appears more and more that we will be experiencing perhaps more employees at hospitals and other medical institutions, working on temporary assignments.  25% of the general surgeons are reported to working at numerous locations either on contract or temporary help, I posed a story last week on a Kaiser facility in San Diego using temporary/contracted physicians.  BD 

TROY, MI--A new, travel-based staffing solution from Kelly Healthcare Resources is helping to address the nationwide shortage of healthcare professionals while offering flexibility for both employers and employees in the delivery of high-quality patient care. Kelly imageHealthcare Resources is a highly specialized business unit of Kelly Services, Inc. a world leader in workforce management services and human resources solutions. 

TravelPath allows hospitals and other institutions to control costs and manage fluctuating staffing needs, while providing nurses, physical therapists and other allied healthcare professionals with flexible, short-term travel-based assignments and the chance to explore new geographies or career opportunities.

"TravelPath represents the best of both worlds -- both for the institution and the temporary employee," said Connie Gray, vice president and business unit leader of Kelly Healthcare Resources.

Kelly Healthcare Resources Announces TravelPath(TM) Program, Offering Flexibility for Healthcare Employers and Employees

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