Thanks once more to all my readers and here’s a few posts that are on the web this week, and also available here on the blog.  As you can see the circulation is building up and I am looking for some additional sponsors and advertisers for anyone interested or please feel free to email me as well!   There’s an information resource on the right hand side of the page about half way down where I have included some sample formats and information. 

I will have some additional upcoming interviews coming up in the next few weeks as well. 

Recent interviews have included Microsoft Health Services, Cook Medical and Yale School of Medicine for a few examples below. 

Steve Shihadeh, VP Microsoft Health Solutions Group – The Amalga Software Solution for Aggregating Hospital Information (Interview)

Regenerative Medicine and How it Works – Interview with Cook Biotech (Medical)

Interview with Bart E. Muhs, M.D., Yale School of Medicine – Aneurysm Repair Surgery


Here’s what’s happening this week on the web: 

Desperate Hospitals Monthly Update


HealthVault Connects with eClinicalWorks EHR, NextGen EHR/EMR Systems and more…Shop Wal-Mart (Sam’s Club) in the Spring


Woman with 12 Pairs of Legs - How Do We View Disabilities today and what options do we have?


Don Imus Diagnosed with Stage II Prostate Cancer


Doctor pleads guilty to hiding $3M from IRS and stole 6M from Charity Funds - Chicago



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