One more entry into the field of personal health records through the Louisville Health Information Exchange.  In essence from it appears this will offer consumers in the Louisville area another choice on what they can do and how they can access their health records, share, etc.  The article doesn’t mention medications from drug stores as some of the other PHRs offer.  I do like the website though at 3M, very good work with flash, like a keyboard to look up the services and products they offer.    BD 

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Louisville Health Information Exchange (LouHIE) has selected 3M Health Information Systems to provide the electronic health record banking system and interoperability solution to enable health information exchange across the greater Louisville area. 3M and its partner, InterComponentWare, Inc. (ICW), will design, build, and pilot an integrated health information network that will offer free health record banking services to all 1.2 million citizens in the greater Louisville community. The parties will be negotiating a definitive agreement.



“LouHIE will work closely with Kentucky state officials working on statewide health information exchange,” said Steve Beshear, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. “The state is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with LouHIE, 3M, ICW, and the Louisville area leaders in creating Kentucky’s e-health research laboratory for the nation.” Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson added, “Louisville has been working on an electronic health data network for three years now—and we can be a national model for how to implement the system.”

When implemented, the LouHIE initiative will enable consumers to store and manage their patient data in a private and secure personal health record bank. Each bank account will contain an electronic copy of an individual’s health records, consolidated from the various clinics, hospitals, and physician practices where the individual received care. Each individual will control his/her health record bank information and will be able to choose to make the complete record available to providers at healthcare facilities in the greater Louisville area or access their own record via the internet. The LouHIE project is expected to be a model for other cities, regions, and states that want to create health information exchanges (HIEs) based on a centralized health record bank.

3M Selected to Build Louisville Health Information Exchange


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