If you like watching live or surgeries recorded live and broadcast later, this is the place.   This particular surgery was in the news lately as it involved removal and replacement of six organs to remove a tumor.  If you want to hear about it from the surgeons, this is the place.image

Under the resources column on the site, I have a widget that lists the up and coming events for the ORLive surgical webcasts.  If you can’t see it live, it is also available in the archives.  BD 

OR-Live(TM) Webcast Announcement

OR-Live and New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital presents, "Clinical Perspectives: The Ex-Vivo Resection and Multivisceral Autotransplant Surgery", a web series chronicling the historic surgery that involved the removal and partial re-implantation of six organs in order to resect an abdominal tumor that otherwise would have been inoperable.  This successful surgery took place over a 23 hour period February 6-7, 2009, and the world met the patient, a 7-year-old Long Island girl, during a press conference at her discharge on March 10th. 
NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital The world has met the patient and seen what is possible, now you can hear directly from the surgical team as they review the surgery and share this remarkable OR experience.  New installments will be available each Thursday beginning March 26, 2009 and will culminate in a live webcast in the coming weeks.
Go to
http://www.OR-Live.com/NYP/ClincialPerspectives to see this week's installment and to request a reminder for further installments.  
Get The Clinical Perspective Every Thursday at Noon Eastern


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