In the news today, 2 guilty individuals in healthcare.  In the days of transparency all this stuff gets tracked.  In the case of the drug rep and the computer there are many free tools on the internet now that used to be for forensics only, but you can go back and find information that has been deleted from the recycle bin, so that one may have been easy to find.  By the way, the name of one such program is called Recuva and it is free and I have used it to recover data on a couple drives that went bad, so it can be used constructively as well, such as I needed to do recently.

The second story here goes back to the fraud in Los Angeles with using the homeless individuals to roll in some kickbacks and fraudulent medical billing.  BD 

Thomas Farina, 42, of Fairport, NY, was found guilty following a five day trial in Boston.

Prosecutors said evidence presented during the trial proved that in the summer of 2004, Farina caused a sales representative under his direction to alter documents and backdate the alterations on his computer to delete the evidence of the promotion of a drug for uses and dosages for which it was not indicated or approved for promotion by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The evidence demonstrated that Farina instructed his sales representative on how to change the clock and date setting on the computer, and then alter and re-save the documents in order to make the sanitized documents appear to have been last modified at an earlier time.

Sentencing has been scheduled for June 11. Farina faces up to 20 years imprisonment, to be followed by three years of supervised release and a $ 250,000 fine.

North Country Gazette » Pfizer Sales Manager Convicted

The former senior vice president of City of Angels Medical Center pleaded guilty Wednesday to paying illegal kickbacks to recruiters who referred homeless patients from skid row to the hospital, where they received unnecessary health services.
Dante Nicholson, 51, of Palmdale was the third person convicted in a widespread scheme to pay illegal kickbacks and defraud Medicare and Medi-Cal by recruiting homeless persons from skid row in downtown Los Angeles.

Nicholson appeared Wednesday before U.S. District Judge George H. King in Los Angeles and pleaded guilty to two counts of paying illegal kickbacks. In a plea agreement, Nicholson admitted to participating in a scheme to pay recruiters to refer homeless people with government medical benefits to City of Angels for in-patient hospital stays.

Former City of Angels hospital executive pleads guilty to paying kickbacks - Los Angeles Times

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