After a visit all records can be soon be uploaded to ALTHA, the EHR of the military.  What I liked in here was the Captain stating it took 10 days for the staff to become proficient, and yes this is a closed in military system, a bit different than one at a civilian hospital, but 10 days is good for anyone for that matter.  No aggregating yet, but I’m sure that will follow as time moves on.  BD  image

3/11/2009 - KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE, BILOXI, MISS. -- Keesler Medical Center has introduced a unique system in its emergency department. 
The staff began using electronic medical records -- T-System -- Jan. 15 to become the only emergency department in the Air Force with the capability. 
According to Capt. Scott McKee, an emergency room clinical nurse specialist and project officer for the program, the system makes medical records available in "real time."
"If a patient returns to the ER, the provider can review prior visits," the captain pointed out. "We can also make records available to any medical treatment facility in the Department of Defense, allowing them to see the record of anyone seen here. This has never been possible before."

Captain McKee commented it took the staff about 10 days to become proficient using the system. He noted that about two weeks after the system came on line, the department saw one of its greatest volumes of patients in some time, yet the average length of stay in the department was reduced by about 20 minutes.

Keesler’s emergency room first in Air Force to use electronic medical records system

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  1. This is a very interesting post on IT and health care joining together for maximum efficiency. I still believe that our private info should not be transferred digitally, only stored digitally and not connected to the web in anyway.

  2. Keeping your patients personal information safe is a very important task, we must protect the client’s privacy and prevent anyone from ever viewing these records without the expressed permission of the client.
    When choosing a doctor to take care of your medical needs you need to make sure that the doctor that you trust your most personal information to is keeping that information safe and secure. I am not too sure about the news that Walmart will be selling Medical Billing Software, makes me a little nervous knowing that anyone with a few dollars can go into walmart and get the software. If this software is in the wrong hands, many people’s lives can be at stake.


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