With the age of transparency unfolding, we have 3 researchers being questioned on their recommendations of using antipsychotic drugs with children.  Has compensation from Pharma led to some of the recommendations?  One of the biggest red flags here appears to be failing to report compensation for starters. BD 

Federal prosecutors have issued a subpoena seeking information about the work and statements of three prominent Harvard researchers who have been the focus of a Congressional investigation into conflicts of interest in medicine.

The researchers — Drs. Joseph Biederman, Thomas Spencer and Timothy E. Wilens — are named in the subpoena, which was sent on Wednesday to Fletch Trammel, a lawyer who represents state attorneys general in lawsuits that claim makers of antipsychotic drugs defrauded state Medicaid programs by improperly marketing their medicines.

3 Researchers at Harvard Are Named in Subpoena - NYTimes.com


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