The FDA can’t force him to recall, but they can raid the facility according to the article.  Interesting too how the debate is going on here as well, he only has peanuts and not any peanut product and states his are ok.  He is a small company with sales of one million a year and is upset over the fact that the FDA went 7 years without inspecting the plants and this could put a hardship on his company.

The number of products recalled is huge, and thus I have included the FDA Peanut recall widget on the site, so if you need to do a look up of what FDA Salmonella Typhimurium Outbreak 2009. Flash Player 9 is required.products are on the list, you can check back here.  BD 

Fed up with a New Jersey company's refusal to recall peanuts tied to the ongoing salmonella outbreak, the government issued a public alert and warned the company to comply immediately or face a government raid.

The Food and Drug Administration has warned the public not to consume "any peanuts or peanut-derived products" sold by Westco Fruit and Nuts Inc. of Irvington, N.J. Investigators have been wrestling with the company since February, but the FDA does not have the power to force a recall.

In most cases, the FDA is able to convince companies to recall products voluntarily. But Westco's owner has refused to play ball. Moradi said the FDA has no evidence that the peanuts he bought from Peanut Corp. of America, the company at the center of the salmonella investigation, have made anyone sick. Moradi said he had the nuts tested at an FDA-approved lab, and "they all came back negative" for contamination.

The widget can perhaps save time and cut to the chase when looking to find recalled products.  I watch the notices on Twitter and there have been many.  BD 

ABC News: Nut Seller Fights FDA on Peanut Recall

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